Ooops! October 20, 2011

OOPS! October 20 2011 “Wissen soellen alle saeligen: An unexpected finding of a medieval Hoheliedauslegung” by Johanna Rodda (Medieval Studies) “Famous mistakes of mathematics” by Louis-Philippe Thibault (Mathematics) “Oops, we did it again: pollsters explain why they weren’t as good as promised” by Sam Norris (Economics) Moderated by Massey College Junior Fellow and founder of […]

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On Valentine’s, February 14, 2011

(anti) Valentine’s February 14 2011 PETER BUCHANAN: pigs, sex, and unclean reading practices (medieval studies) ASHISH DESHWAR: breeding heartless fish (medicine & molecular genetics) BETH ELDER: immigration, marriage and federal investigation (public policy)

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On Vision, February 25 2009

Vision: Life in the Light Michael Richards (Ophthalmology) Light energy, which surrounds and sustains life on our planet, forms the basis for the sensory modality of vision. We will touch on the nature of visible light, then discuss the structure and function of the human visual system. We will then explore the implications of binocularity, […]

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