On Space, March 29, 2012

Winters Graduate Salon “On Space”
A WIDEN Event— Wine and Cheese — Free, all are welcome!
Thursday, March 29th, 5-7 pm
Winters College room 021, York University

Speakers: Lychee (Lai-Tze) Fan (Communication and Culture), Daniel Guadagnolo (Communication and Culture), Clara Fraser (Urban Planning, Ryerson)

Lychee (Lai-Tze) Fan, Communication and Culture
In/Visible D.C., Ethnic-Based Ideologies and Urban Space
An ideological polarization of ethics results in the structural distinction of Washington, D.C. The spaces of “poor DC” and “tourist DC” are separated, so that the latter portrays an American history as exemplary of an idealized national identity.

Daniel Guadagnolo, Communication and Culture

Urban Space and Visuality in the Photography of George Platt Lynes

This paper considers the relationship between George Plat Lynes’ counter-archive of male nude portraiture and the queer “re-territorialization” of urban space during the mid-twentieth century. I argue that the visual cues present in Lynes’ photo work highlight the important ways of seeing and ways of being seen which gay men deployed to both safely traverse urban space and cruise each other during the 1930s and 1940s.

Clara Fraser, Urban Planning (Ryerson)

What Should I Have Learned in School? Making the Connection Between Indigenous Interests and Urban Planning in Canada

Planning shapes “the public production of space.” Most planners are unaware of the earliest planning tools used by settlers and Aboriginal peoples in Canada, such as treaties and agreements. A number of monumental cases at the Supreme Court over the past two decades have established that the Crown has a responsibility to consult meaningfully with Aboriginal peoples on developments affecting their land claims and/or Aboriginal rights. Currently, there is confusion as to what responsibility municipalities hold, and what municipal planners need to know and do. I will touch upon these issues and point to the need for changes to the accredited planning programs.

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