On Expression: June 1, 2011

3-4 pm, in the Winters Senior Common Room (rm. 021WC)

Alberto Munarriz, Department of Music
“Traditional music genres and current expressive needs”

In this presentation I center on the processes through which musicians and
producers are able to manipulate the boundaries of instrumental tango by
incorporating non-traditional musical elements and new technologies in order to
give expression to expanding arrays of socio-cultural meanings. Focusing on the
work of a number of Argentine musicians currently living in Paris, I shed some
light on some of the dialogues informing a number of the trajectories of
contemporary tango.

Majero Bouman, Department of English
“The economics of nonsense”

In English speaking countries around the globe, the late 1960s and early 1970s
saw a renaissance of nonsense in cultural productions of various kinds. During
this period, the production and use of nonsense cuts across classed
stratifications of the culture and knowledge industries to the extent that it
seems to be symptomatic of larger events. Fundamentally ambiguous and
straddling different paradigms, linguistic nonsense raises the concerns and
possibility implicate in shifting economic waves.

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